Essential Oils for Pets workshop packet

$ 5.00


Workshop dates: October 25 – 31

With your purchase of our Essential Oil Workshop Packet, you will receive:

• An Email with a link to the Workshop (once you click to join we will ship your workshop sample packet)

• A workshop packet consisting of 5 essential oils, coconut oil for diluting, workshop guide, and essential oil resource booklet.

You will learn:

• How to safely use essential oils with pets

• How essential oils can help their digestion and immunity

• How to use essential oils to calm their stress response and soothe discomforts

• How to use essential oils to help focus and calm during training

• How essential oils can help keep bugs, pests, and odors away

• Why the purity of your essential oils matters


In January of 2013 we were introduced to the world of essential oils. It wasn’t long until we began incorporating essential oils and natural solutions into every area of our lives, for ourselves and for the animals we love!

After years of research and consultations with veterinarians, we want to share what we’ve learned and experienced with all of you!

We want YOU to be empowered to take care of your pets in the best way possible! With some common sense guidelines and knowledge, essential oils can be a wonderful support for your pet’s health.

And what better way to learn than to receive actual samples of essential oils and attend an online workshop to learn how to use them.

• You have heard some things about essential oils that concern you….

• You have wondered if these things called oils really work…..

• You are skeptical, but curious…..

• You have used oils a little, but want to learn more…..

• You want to give essential oils a try…..

• You want to live a more natural and holistic lifestyle…..

• You want to know how to use oils safely with your pet….

If you answered yes to any one of these then……


This will be an online Facebook workshop within a private group with a go-at-your-own-pace format! If you miss a video or post, that’s totally okay, just catch up later!

We will have giveaways each day for commenting on the posts and asking questions! Interacting within the group creates the best learning experience for everyone, so we really encourage and ask that you participate to get the most from this workshop experience!

We have some really beneficial content to share with you and we promise you will leave better informed and more confident on how and when to use essential oils with your pets!


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