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Welcome to Vellus Products, where your dog and horse will have the Best in Show Look!

Vellus Products, Inc., is a manufacturing company in Columbus, Ohio USA, that custom designs dog and horse grooming formulas for show winners and beloved pets throughout the world. For 21 years we have believed in the Vellus Philosophy-that you don’t need 100 products for your dog and horse -you only need Vellus, a select line of grooming formulas that you can customize based on your dog’s coat type.

We supply you with the very best, richly concentrated grooming formulas, carefully designed for the health and beauty of your animals hair and skin. You supply the dog, along with your knowledge of their specific coat type. Our rich concentrates allow you to be creative with your dilution ratios, not just from breed to breed, but from dog to dog. We so strongly believe in the Vellus Philosophy that we are confident that you will see amazing results after just one use.

From our founder: “Professional grooming is a talent and art that demands creativity. Be creative and watch perfection happen.”

Expect to Win!