The Vellus Story

It was a dream come true for founder Sharon Kay Doherty, who purchased her first show dog in 1976. “There were no authentic salon grooming formulas for dogs. The dog shampoo and dog conditioner products available contained either oil or lanolin in the formulas which causes negative side effects to the hair and skin. Human hair products were not the answer either, resulting in irritation of the skin.”

In 1992, Sharon stopped showing dogs to partner with her nephew, David,  to introduce genuine salon grooming formulas to the dog show network and pampered pet owners.

David’s background as a research chemist in the personal care industry, along with Sharon’s understanding of dog hair and skin, brought the dream full circle to develop the dog salon formulas known today as Vellus Products. Their dedication to use only superior cosmetic grade ingredients made the difference. Today, Vellus offers a complete program of, bio-balanced salon formulas for dogs, that are appreciated by dog show exhibitors, royals, celebrities and caring pet owners around the world.

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