Oblong Wood Pin Brush

$ 27.95


The Oblong Wood Pin Brush is made of sustainable Beech Wood, hand crafted in Germany by experienced artisans who have a long trusted relationship with Vellus Products, giving you the highest quality brush that Vellus is known for worldwide.

This brush is a great size for all breeds. With it’s slim design, this brush fits well in your pocket and allows for easy brushing in those hard to reach areas.

  • Natural wooden pins are gentle and durable
  • Wood does not create static, resulting in less hair breakage
  • When exposed to a blow dryer, the wooden pins stay cool, because wood does not transfer heat. This results in less heat damage to the coat.
  • Glides through tangles effortlessly
  • Natural wooden pins help to condition the coat and distribute natural oils down the hair shaft.
  • Natural wooden pins massage the skin gently (dogs will love this) to help promote hair growth.
  • Your dog will loose less hair as the wooden pins glide through the coat

Quality made in Germany for Vellus.


8 1/2 inches long

1 1/2 inches wide

9/16 inch long pin (15 mm pin)


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