Vellus Show Conditioning Concentrate

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Vellus Conditioner strengthens hair, provides shine and static control and helps maintain a tangle free coat.

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Vellus Show Conditioning Concentrate

Vellus Show Conditioning Concentrate has been carefully designed with naturally derived ingredients chosen for superior performance. This high profile formulation is unlike any other conditioning product on the market and is completely dye free.

Vellus Show Conditioner
• helps maintain a tangle free coat
• strengthen’s the coat
• increase shine
• controlled look without losing body
• great holding power between shows and grooms
• brightens whites
• adds beautiful lustre to the coat
• enhances natural colors
• helps with static control
• provides amazing health and condition to the coat and skin

This formula is richly concentrated, making it possible for you to be creative in your dilution ratio in order to achieve the correct coat texture for your breed.
Silky to smooth coats, dilute 14 parts water to 1 part concentrate.
Coarse and wire coats, dilute 24 parts water to 1 part concentrate.
Rinse well leaving a little in the hair for performance.
Oil, lanolin, dye, and paraben free.

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